Dads to Adult Babies: The Silent Ones?

In the Adult Baby lifestyle there are the babies (more than people might imagine) and there are the dads and moms (more than I might know, but fewer than I can find!).

Now, I’ve long been interested in the AB/DL lifestyle – I was interested in diapers since I was a kid, and they were a part of several relationships with accepting boyfriends.

(Before I go on, please check the ‘about page‘ for a bit more about me – and about the general approach and rules of this site. One of the things I make note of is the use of the terms ‘dad’ and ‘boy’ or ‘son’ – as those in the AB/DL community know, this in no way refers to children but rather adults playing those roles.)

Over time, however, and because of one relationship in particular, I found that I was more interested in the ‘dad’ or parent side of diapers and babying – it was more fun to diaper someone than wear one (and I didn’t really enjoy BEING diapered by someone else), and it was definitely more fun to also baby someone else: whether something simple like holding and cuddling a guy in diapers, or further, like giving him a bottle or dressing him.

My principle relationship as a dad happened years ago, and I’ve wished that it had lasted longer, and have also wished that I could find that sort of trust and intimacy with someone where I could again be a dad to a son. This feeling comes and goes – it usually goes because of frustration or a feeling that it would be too hard to meet the right person. While I’ve tried forums and Web sites, nothing has ‘clicked’ or progressed past a few e-mails. Maybe it’s my fault, or maybe I just have too narrow a range in what I think would work.

I recently, however, have had a chance to meet someone on-line and this has quickly developed into an intense experience. It has re-opened my heart and mind to the challenges and beauty of this experience.


One of the things I’ve found interesting is that I’ve been searching for more of a ‘dad’s perspective’: descriptions from others who have cared for someone, insight into how it made them feel, advice, or just general support. It’s true you can find some – often a ‘dad’ chiming in on a discussion board, say.

It’s part of the reason I decided to jot down a few notes here. Maybe this blog won’t go very far, or maybe I’ll stop posting – but maybe this record of some of my thoughts might be useful in some way. Or maybe I’ll discover that in being a dad, it’s about being strong and silent and that sharing our feelings and experiences just doesn’t fit the role.

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  1. One of the key difficulties for most “dads” is to gather up enough courage to ask their partner to be accepting of this kind of “father-son” relationship. Furthermore, many dominant partners may be unwilling to jeopardize an existing relationship with a loved one for their own desires. I am interested to hear about anyone who has approached their bf/gf with this issue and the ensuing result.

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