Daily Living, the Adult Baby and Plastic Pants

For many adult babies, the ‘diaper lover’ part of them is more important than acting younger. Baby or toddler time is relatively rare but still happens on occasion. But there IS a reason they call it AB/DL – to differentiate between those who simply like being diapered, and those who like the feeling of being their true ‘little’ selves.… Read the rest

Daily Living, the Adult Baby and Diapers Under Jeans

While there are adults that would prefer to ALWAYS be a baby or toddler, that isn’t always realistic nor desirable. Jobs, adult interests, or family can be important parts of life and being an AB doesn’t always need to be a part of all of them. But just as importantly, some ABs prefer more focused experiences: a weekend being babied, … Read the rest

What Kind Do You Wear?

Making the right choice of diaper for an adult baby would be tough for the dad. Thankfully, most little ones seem to know which diaper they like best although they’re constantly looking for improvement!

One of the most common questions I hear amongst diaper lovers and ABs is – “What kind do you wear?” The answers can be very specific … Read the rest